3 Counties Counselling Service

Common Questions

Q1 Are you a Counselling Agency?

No. 3CCS is an individual private practice offered by Peter Eldridge.

Q2 What will it cost?

Individuals: £50 per 60-minute session
Couples: £70 per 60-minute session
Counsellor Supervision: £55 per 60-minute individual session

Non-attendance is chargeable in full unless notified a minimum of 24 hours beforehand.

Q3 How many sessions will I need?

Only you will be able to determine that, but you will be free to stop at any time. A single past trauma may be resolvable in a handful of sessions. Some problems and issues (e.g. repeated traumas or multiple and complex attachment issues) can be resolved reasonably quickly (perhaps 6-12 sessions). Others may take rather longer especially if complex, multiple issues are involved (possibly 13-25 sessions). Some clients benefit from even longer term counselling because they need ongoing support to cope with life's challenges, or they've had chronic trauma and attachment issues, or long term and severe dissociation. I will be sensitive to your needs, your goals and your ability to invest your time and money to get the help you seek. But I am retiring in mid-October 2021 so this may impact the number of sessions available, or highlight a need for sessions to be longer than 60 minutes.

Q4 Which days and time of day can I come?

I now operate during Monday to Friday daytimes (e.g. between 09h00 and 18h00).

Q5 How will I know how to see you for counselling?

I will respond as quickly as I can to your initial enquiry by phone or e-mail. I am now only practising online, using Zoom (or, if necessary VSee, WhatsApp Video or telephone), which I can help you find and use. I will send you a two-page MS Word document to explain online work and technology, give you important tips, tell you how to pay my session fees directly, and respond to agree to work with me on-line.

Q6 How do I know you will keep what I say confidential?

I offer an exceedingly high level of confidentiality. It would be professionally unethical for me to do otherwise. I keep any notes I may write about our work with you quite separate from the identifying contact information you give me. There are only three important exceptions to your total confidentiality: -

a) If you tell me you intend physically to harm yourself or another person (or you tell me that you intend a terrorist act!).
b) If a judge in court (and only a judge in court) orders me to divulge my notes or face imprisonment! (This is very rare, and I have never experienced this, nor know personally any other counsellor who has).
c) If I should need to talk about my work with you during my own regular Counselling Supervision (though I would always take great care not to reveal your true identity in any way to a Supervisor, who offers me the same ethical duty of care as I offer you).

Q7 What is a Counselling Supervisor?

Every ethically practising counsellor or psychotherapist in Great Britain is obliged to meet regularly with his or her Counselling Supervisor as a condition of membership of their major professional bodies. This brings objective support and guidance to the counsellor and promotes good practice to the benefit of the client. If your own counselling is discussed in Supervision, I will keep your identity from the Supervisor (and will disguise any facts which might conceivably otherwise identify you).

Q8 Do you offer Christian or other Religion-specific Counselling?

No, but I am sensitive to the importance of faith in the lives of my clients and I empathise with any religious point of view that they may hold or need to discuss.

Q9 Do you have facilities for those with Activity Limitation?

Now, as I practice wholly online, which may also be most convenient to you, it requires only that you can make a technological connection appropriate to your abilities.

Q10 Can you counsel in languages other than English?

I can work in passable French.

Q11 Do you offer Couples Counselling?

Yes, I am a trained Couples Counsellor. I now see couples online, either sharing a camera or, using individual ones, possibly from separate locations if using Zoom.

Q12 Do you offer Youth Counselling?

No. I work only with clients who have reached or passed their 18th birthday.

Q13 Do you offer EMDR (and what is that)?

Yes, I am a trained, qualified and EMDR Europe Accredited EMDR Practitioner. EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing – a relatively new (about 30 years old) and highly effective therapy originally used to help people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but subsequently discovered to help with many other mentally disturbing conditions including abuse/neglect/bullying memories, phobias, toxic shame, OCD, depression, binge-eating and low self-esteem. I am also experienced at incorporating the FLASH Technique within EMDR, enabling clients to process past traumas whilst thinking about something pleasant instead of the upsetting trauma itself!

Q14 Do you offer Supervision for other Counsellors?

Yes, I am trained and qualified to offer either individual or group supervision to both trainee and qualified counsellors.
However, my retirement in mid-October makes it unlikely I would be needed as a supervisor, save the feasible possibility I could see a counselling student through the remainder of their final year in the event that their previous supervisor suddenly died or became too ill to work.

Q15 Do you offer counselling for Senior Citizens?

Yes. I understand that older people can benefit from talking to a counsellor because counsellors are good listeners. If you feel you have concerns about any areas of your life, sharing them with a counsellor can give you a better understanding of them and help you cope with them. It is not a sign of personal weakness to ask for help – it is a sign of self-esteem, courage and strength.

Q16 Do you offer EAP and Company Counselling?

I did do so, when working in-person, but my impending retirement means I do not expect any new clients of this type, in future.

Q17 What is your Privacy Policy?

You can see my GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy at this link

Q18 Do you offer online counselling?

Yes, via video link if you have a PC, lap-top, tablet or smartphone, or by telephone. Please phone or e-mail me for details.
NB. All my work will only be on-line now.

Q19 How do I contact you?

To find out more, or to make an appointment, telephone 07802 177642.
This number may go to voicemail overnight or if I am busy (e.g. counselling). If so, please leave a contact number and I'll call you back as soon as possible. Or e-mail an enquiry to [email protected], ideally including a phone number and your preferred time for call back.

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I am a counsellor and psychotherapist offering counselling & psychotherapy on-line, not only to Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire, but also to the UK as a whole and to Southern Ireland
I work with anxiety, anger, bereavement, depression, despair, stress, workplace problems, family issues, panic attacks, relationships, gender and sexual problems, rape, bullying, stress, trauma, abuse, drugs, alcohol, anger management, living with dementia, parenting problems, diversity, and many other issues, by offering person-centred, integrative, humanistic, psychodynamic, gestalt, TA, existential, cognitive-behavioural and sensorimotor approaches, and EMDR therapy. Other words to help you find me online: berkshire, hampshire, surrey, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, psychotherapists, therapy, therapist, therapists, counselling, counsellor, counsellors, couple, couples, partners, marriage, marital, relationship, relationships, anxiety, panic, fear, anger, despair, hopelessness, helplessness and depression, emdr and common misspellings such as counselor, counselors, counselling, edmr, edrm and erdm

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