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Client Feedback

Past 3CCS client comments have included:-

“I feel my confidence is much higher in every respect and that there’s no problem that can’t be solved”

“Helped me to understand myself better”

“Very happy I came”

“Very helpful to be able to talk openly with someone”

“It was helpful being listened to and valued as me”

“Helped me understand the importance of looking after myself”

“Helped me to re-assess and get back on track with life”

“Helped me develop ways to have better relationships and express my needs”

“Being accepted was helpful”

“Relaxed and comfortable surroundings made me feel safe and secure at a vulnerable time”

“Trust and honesty were a great help”

"Understood my needs, and partner's, and reasons for behaviour"

"My counsellor was very approachable and easy to talk to"

“I’m vastly more positive now”

“Gave me the opportunity to make sense of my feelings”

“My relationship has come on in leaps and bounds!”

“I understand interactions between people much better”

“Everyone should do it”

“Extremely helpful. I feel much happier about myself. Previous counselling did not make any impact”

“When I started I was unsure if it would assist me. Now I know myself and feel so much more open”

"A positive experience"

"It has helped me understand myself better and to become more positive"

Now I know myself and feel so much more open"

“It helps you to evaluate your life and to set goals in order to achieve them”

“It helped drag me out of a hole and move on with my life”

“Unearthed some very deep-seated personal issues”

"Very helpful. Learnt a lot. Helped to form an improved relationship"

“A highly beneficial and non-judgemental service to help both parties survive trauma”

"I am very satisfied with the outcome of the sessions"

"It gave me a way of sharing what I was feeling without being judged"

“I feel it was exactly what I needed”

“You gave me the support I needed at a critical time in my life”

“Excellent. Helped us to work through our problems”

"Helped to see from the view of others - how to deal with specific situations -how to express myself better"

“You were always helpful, patient and kind”

“You have helped us to keep our family together”

“Trust established quickly"

"I feel the sessions have been a major help in re-establishing some equilibrium in my life and my ability to cope"

"Helped me understand where my emotions have come from and manage them better"

“Raised issues that I can take away and work on that I wouldn’t otherwise have realised”

“Gives me a better understanding of my partner and tools to nourish relationship”

"Pleasantly surprised at professionalism, level of insight gained"

“Talking without being judged was very helpful”

“To better understand how childhood events impact both partners in how they react and feel about situations”

"Excellent. Helped us work through our problems"

“It has allowed me to gain a sense of who I am and that I am happy with that person”

"Integrative counselling has been great for me and has given me the tools to have the kind of future I want"

“Built confidence that had been lost. Realisation of how I can change for the future”

“So helpful. I never expected to need it – never expected it to help – but I couldn’t have gone without it”

“It was helpful being able to talk with someone that doesn’t know me”

“He is hearing me more and understands more where I come from”

“She understands me better and it helped me to be more patient with her”

“I began to regain control of my life”

"To be able to talk to someone completely outside of my life - not to burden my family or friends - was great"

“Very positive and I would seek counselling again if I was in difficulties in the future”

"I am the person I always wanted to be"

“It cleared the anger and made me understand how to deal with the past and future problems”

“Brilliant! My life is completely different to how it was 3 months ago”

“Non-judgemental. Helped me understand where my emotions have come from and manage them better”

“I saw my Dad yesterday and I was actually able to give him a hug. I really do feel that the EMDR has helped”

"Very beneficial and positive experience"

"Thanks again for helping me to build my platform for a more positive life"

"Would recommend EMDR to others"

"Feel much calmer, more confident in own ability and much more level mood"

"The feeling that whatever I said was kept confidential helped me to get the best from EMDR"

"No more nightmares"

"EMDR is something that lots of people need but I've been lucky enough to benefit from"

"Have had other counselling before and didn't find that as helpful"

"Given me a fresh start feeling positive about what I can do and how strong I am"

"It has allowed me to gain a sense of who I am & that I am happy with that person"

"Helped me to understand how/what was happening in our relationship & gave me tools to nourish relationship"

In Summary

I offer my clients an optional, anonymous feedback form when they end their sessions with me, on which form past 3CCS clients have made the comments above.

Would they use counselling again? None said 'No'. One said ‘Unsure’. All the others said ‘Yes’.

For all responding clients over a number of years, the average level of well being at the start of their first session, on a subjective scale of 1=low to 10=high, has been 2.7, and at the end of their last session has been 8.3.

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